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Come with your “Cup Empty”


Healing Qi is not a “diet” – it is a self-healing program based on the ancient Taoist 5-Element Dietary Theory of healing foods for balancing and healing the body’s Qi (Vital Life Force Energy), and returning the body to balance, health and harmony.

When the body’s Qi is adequate, strong, and in proper balance in all the organs – yes, excess weight can be released and the body’s ideal weight achieved; however, the primary focus of this program is to heal all aspects of the body’s Three Treasures ~ Jing, Qi, Shen (Body, Mind, Spirit).  


Based on the Ancient Art of Traditional Chinese Medicine – where foods are the first step towards healing Qi– we will discuss the philosophies of the Zang Fu organ functions (Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidney, Liver and their partner organs) and why dysfunction of any one of these organs can create Qi stagnation or imbalances which often lead to illness in the body – and most importantly learn the steps you can take to heal these imbalances.  Also, we will delve into our unique physical relationship with the Seasons, with Mother Earth, and the Universe and learn how maintaining this balance is so important to life-long good health and abundant vitality.

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