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About Kat

National Qigong Association

Professional Member since 2011

Kat has been involved in energetic healing modalities since 1980 when she was granted state certification as a Shiatsu Practitioner (Japanese Acupressure). Since receiving certification as a Master Medical Qigong Therapist (1,000 Hrs.) from The  International College of Medical Qigong, she has obtained over 4,300 clinical hours. Additionally, she has completed over 800 hours of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture Theory and Diagnosis, as well as completing Chin Nei Tsang (Chinese Massage for Emotional release),  trainings I, and II  from Tao Gardens, Thailand.

She is currently teaching Qigong/Tai Chi classes in Las Vegas, as well as conducting healing classes based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5-Element Dietary Theory. Her mission is to offer an effective and safe alternative healing modality that focuses on integrating the Three Treasures of Man – Jing, Qi, Shen.

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