20150926_181304-2Kat has been involved in energetic healing modalities since 1980 when she was granted state certification as a Shiatsu Practitioner (Japanese Acupressure).  Since then she has received Certification as a Master Medical Qigong Therapist (1,000 Hrs.) from The  International College of Medical Qigong. Additionally, she has completed over 800 hours of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture Theory and Diagnosis, as well as completing Chin Nei Tsang (Chinese Massage for Emotional release),  trainings I, and II  from Tao Gardens, Thailand.

She is currently teaching Qigong/Tai Chi classes in Las Vegas, as well as conducting healing classes based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5-Element Dietary Theory.Kat Reyes with Elephant Walk

Her mission is to offer an effective and safe alternative healing modality that focuses on integrating the Three Treasures of Man – Jing, Qi, Shen.

National Qigong Association, Professional Member since 2011.